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Wei Si Nicole Yiu

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Wei Si Nicole Yiu’s research explores the unruly and ambiguous relationships between migrant women as migrant workers, intimate lovers, and friends in Hong Kong to reveal the intricate processes of how capital, place, and people are entangled with one another. Engaging with critical formulations and theories of intimacies, Nic intends to illustrate and examine how queer migrant women’s ambiguous relationships with each other are dependent on the intimacies of global development.  Hong Kong as a nexus of migrant flows produces racial formation that shows the intimate histories of colonialism(s), imperialism, capitalism, and globalisation. Unlike sites in North America that broadly imagine the category of migrant as non-white, Hong Kong produces a substantially different racial formation that requires a re-interrogation of the concept of ‘migrant’ away from the concentrated sites in the global North. Nic's work is informed and inspired by her own experiences of migration as a queer person of colour from Hong Kong to Beijing to Toronto. 

Fields of Study

Queer of Colour Critique, Queer Theory, Queer Asian Theory, Black Feminist Theory, Intimacy and Labour, Ethnography, Transnational Feminism, Women of Colour Feminism