March 13, 2017
3:00pm to 4:30pm
Charles E. Young Research Library, Presentation Room

Queering Geopolitics: The Unruly Spaces of Homophobia in South Korea

Ju Hui Judy Han

Assistant Professor, Department of Geography and Planning

University of Toronto


Monday, March 13th

Charles E. Young Research Library, Presentation Room



Whether referred to as “LGBTI” in coalitional terms of identity politics or as “sexual minority” to emphasize relations of power and marginalization, queer formations in contemporary South Korea urge expression of non-normative gender and sexual identity and recognition of dissident political subjectivity. They have challenged masculinist labour movements and heteronormative women’s movements, troubled militarism and ableism, and across the broad social movement landscape queer politics have become more legible. Taking place at the same time, however, is the emergence of intensified bigotry in the political sphere and the persistence of institutional heteropatriarchy, most prominently represented by the conservative Protestant-led homophobia mobilized in the name of national security and the Cold War geopolitical order. Drawing from previous and ongoing research on the cultural politics of religion, difference, and mobilities, this talk examines the contested spaces of queer dissent and minority politics in the context of mass mobilizations and political upheavals underway.